When it comes to choosing a real estate professional to help you buy, sell or invest in Vancouver’s sophisticated marketplace, I appreciate that you have options. And I also understand that, from a distance, it can be challenging to see what makes one real estate professional truly different than another.


  • I promise to give you my total personal attention, and always put your needs ahead of my own.
  • I promise to deliver you a VIP experience that sets you apart and above the “ordinary” and enhances your vibrant, stylish lifestyle.
  • I promise to use my mastery of Vancouver’s marketplace to help you buy, sell or invest in the stylish & valuable property of your dreams.
  • I promise to leverage my in-depth training, knowledge and experience to work on your behalf with world class care and skill.
  • I promise to give you access to my extensive personal network of professionals who share my commitment to superior client service standards, and who will be available to improve and enhance your real estate experience.
  • I promise to show you every property that meets your criteria to the best of my ability – including the “hidden gems” that others don’t know about.
  • I promise to follow-up on your requests promptly and fully, and always remain easily within reach
  •  promise to conduct detailed due diligence on your behalf to keep you safe and protected.
  • I promise to craft robust, ethical and professional contracts on your behalf, and ensure that you only sign contracts that are fair and in your best interest.
  • I promise to connect you with outstanding professionals to help you with your real estate experience.
  • I promise to deliver incredible value, and take care of your money as carefully and prudently as if it were my own.
  • I promise to keep all of your personal information confidential and secure.
  • I promise to honour the “Working with a Realtor” document, which was produced and is endorsed by the British Columbia Real Estate Association, as the basis of our agency contract.

Ultimately, my unwavering commitment to you is to ensure that your buying, selling or investing experience in Vancouver’s sophisticated marketplace is completely fits your needs, expresses your vision, and fulfills your dreams. Anything less is not an option.


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