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To help you sell the perfect property that fits your needs, vision and budget, I employ a comprehensive
5-step process that is designed to ensure your satisfaction and exceed your expectations.

Step One: Creating your Vision

It begins with me carefully listening to you needs and desires, and asking insightful, practical questions that help clarify vision, aspirations and goals. The focus here isn't just for me to understand "how much" you want to sell your property for, but to deeply appreciate why you're selling, and what kind of ideal real estate experience you envision. Indeed, for some clients, a "hands-on" experience is preferred, while others prefer a "behind-the-scenes" approach. It's my job long before we list your home to appreciate what suits your personal preferences and aspirations, and then deliver on that expectation.

Step Two: Assembling your Team

I also pay close attention to whether you might need a home stager, home repair professional, landscaper, home inspector, carpenter - or any other professional service provider who can enhance the value and appeal of your home. And if you require any of these service providers, be assured that I have an extensive personal network of world class professionals who adhere to the same superior client service standards that I do. I'll personally ensure that they do an outstanding job and totally satisfy you.

Step Three: Creating your Customized Plan

Equipped with a quality, in-depth understanding of what you truly want and expect from the selling process, I develop a customized plan that captures the maximum value of your property, and the marketing tactics that will be used to generate high demand. These tactics include: a listing highlight on my high-traffic website, optimized MLS listing, agent opens, exclusivity broadcasting to my personal network, and developing a rapport with a prospective buyer's agent to ensure that your property is getting the total publicity and attention it deserves on all levels.

Step Four: Detailed Due Diligence

Once we've identified a potential buyer and you've agreed to move forward, I perform the detailed due diligence you need to ensure that any contracts submitted for your signature are fair, robust and in your best interest - or else I'll advise you not to sign it. In the same light, any agreement that I craft on your behalf will have undergo rigorous due diligence to ensure that it serves and protects your interests.

Step Five: Transitioning you into your New Home

I'll also help you design a timeline that enables you to "dovetail" seamlessly into your new home. In this way, you'll peacefully and effortlessly transition from one outstanding experience into another, and from your previous home into your new one!

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